DSA Dutch Spring Association

Training courses

In order to maintain and further expand the high quality in the operations of its members, DSA, in close cooperation with its members and training institutes, has developed a number of educative instruments.

Training manuals

The manuals developed by DSA are intended for production staff in the spring industry. They have been set up as self-study manuals, but are also suited for use in courses organised by DSA. This preserves the craftsmanship on the shop floor and with that the future of spring manufacturing in the Netherlands.


DSA members benefit from access to SpringXpert®, an interactive tool for training production staff in the spring industry. SpringXpert® is unique in the sector; no other spring organisation in Europe offers a similar interactive training programme. Thanks to this programme – and the DSA manuals – new recruits in the spring industry can familiarise themselves with the basic principles of spring technology, under the supervision of an experienced staff member or otherwise.

Workshops and training courses

In cooperation with various external parties and extraordinary members, DSA organises workshops, training courses and company visits to keep up to date with both the technology and operations. Regular subject matters include: Lean Manufacturing, robotisation, marketing, working conditions and machine safety. During workshops, organised in cooperation with the world-renowned research institute for the spring industry, IST, DSA members receive regular updates on the latest technological developments.