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A flourishing industry of spring-producing companies

Although mechanical springs have been used as early as the Industrial Revolution, their development and application really took off after World War II. In the Netherlands, around 1950, a flourishing industry of spring-producing companies with nuclei in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and the centre and east of the country emerged. Currently the Netherlands has around twenty companies actively engaged as manufacturers or developers of spring products and applications. The sector employs around 500 people.

Alive and kicking!

This sector is bouncing with energy! Each day, dozens of new springs and innovative concepts are developed in this field. Demand from the industry (both national and internal) is stronger than ever and looks very promising for the future. Hence it is important that springs are and continue to be of a high quality, so we can be sure they do what they were made for: making connections. DSA – together with its members – is fully committed to this mission, e.g. by organising training courses. Read more…