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Our lives would not be the same without metal springs. It would be less comfortable and certainly less safe, as springs provide movement and as such comfort, interconnect different parts and play a vital role in the measurement and regulation of forces. Springs are applied in many thousands of products; they are vital to the consumer and indispensable to the industry. Springs are products of advanced technical expertise.

Dutch Spring Association

In the Netherlands, the quality of the spring industry has been monitored and regulated by the Dutch Spring Association since 1990. This trade association of Dutch manufacturers of technical springs and its 15 members account for approx. 90% of the Dutch spring production capacity.

Knowledge, expertise and exchanging experiences

The DSA promotes the economic and technical interests of the Dutch spring industry, particularly those of its members. Quality is the leading theme therein and DSA organises initiatives in which knowledge, expertise and exchanging experiences are focal points. Read more… The DSA at the same time takes steps to stimulate the mutual cooperation between its members.